Phil Supinski

Cryptocurrency, Computing and Big Data

Supinski & Cryptocurrency

Not unlike the tech ambassadors making waves in the news daily, Phil Supinski’s interest in cryptocurrency and computing started primarily as a hobby.

Since his early days, Phil has always had an interest in computers. Primarily in regards to the specs and hardware of the computers he’s owned throughout his life, Phil’s passion for the ever-increasing power of hardware, software and capabilities of computers intersected perfectly with his interests in math and economics. The ability to harness the raw power of data, break it down and decipher meaning from it lead to the discovery and passion for cryptocurrency and digital currency.

<div class="client-quote"> <h3> “Colorado tech is the biggest small town I have ever been a part of. I feel like everyone knows everyone.” </h3> -<strong>Phil Supinski</strong>, interview with Built in Colorado</div>

About Supinski

When Phil set out to learn more about cryptocurrency in early 2013 he instantly recognized the potential in the then-burgeoning digital currency. Beginning the crypto mining process was the obvious next step in Supinski’s journey. His knowledge of computer hardware was the background he needed to begin mining cryptocurrency, something he first started solely as a hobby. After realizing that cryptos like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero and Electronium had the capability to become not just a hobby, but a source of income, Supinski began pouring more time and effort into the process.

Before Bitcoin, Phil Supinski held positions in a number of marketing, data, and tech spheres. After graduating from the Colorado School of Mines with a degree in Economics in 2007, Phil began his career at Initech, a 3com value-added reseller based in Denver, Colorado. Initech, which was the largest 3com VAR in Colorado at the time, was the launch pad for Supinski’s career in tech.

When Hewlett-Packard purchased 3com in 2009, Supinski departed the company, taking control of NerdPhone, a cloud-based VoIP provider. Acting as the CEO and Solutions Architect, Phil guided NerdPhone to years of unparalleled growth and success before selling the majority of the company and beginning his career at Iron-Point, where he honed in his marketing, sales, and data related  skills – three areas of expertise that Supinski continues to refine and advance to this day.

After a successful stint as a director at ePower Manufacturing, during which he overhauled the sales and manufacturing teams of the enormously successful Wisconsin-based manufacturer, Phil Supinski decided to continue his education, enrolling at Columbia University in pursuit of a professional certification in Data Sciences. Phil’s passion and relentless pursuit of knowledge, combined with his background and experience in cryptocurrency has allowed him to seek and find careers that have been both fulfilling and mutually beneficial.

Today, Phil Supinski’s interest in cryptocurrency continues to grow and expand. You can often find him browsing and posting in r/Electronium, mining and reading about cryptocurrency, or spending time with his family outside Denver, Colorado.